Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Organization:  eXtensoData Pvt. Ltd.

Company Background:  

eXtensoData is a predictive and prescriptive analytics company that equips clients with the tools required to leverage the power of data to generate actionable insights to unleash the hidden X factor in their business by optimizing business processes, predicting future outcomes, and identifying new opportunities. 

Job Summary:  

Business Analyst (BA) in eXtensoData bears multiple responsibilities. Hence, this job consists of various on- the-job related trainings and learning sessions to be adept at performing the role. The scope of BA’s responsibilities can be divided into three spheres. First, BA will work with Product Owner (PO) and Scrum Master (SM) on daily basis to create business requirements, establish process flow and validation protocols, and develop and maintain product plan. Second, BA will spend significant amount of time on research to identify potential market to cater eXtensoData’s value proposition. Finally, BA has to maintain relationship with client and in-house team to manage expectations and ensure project delivery. 

Key Responsibility Areas: 

  • Research on various business domains and create a backlog of potential value propositions on different business sectors or businesses where eXtensoData can enter  

  • Contribute towards creation and refinement of product roadmap of the company 

  • Support PO and SM to create detailed business requirement, process flows, and acceptance criteria for development teams 

  • Build and maintain relationship with client and in-house team 

  • Complete in-house training program related to business process management, project management, data analysis, and data science 

Key Performance Areas: 

  • Conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in each business domain to discover business use cases, data availability and maintenance. Qualitative research might encompass exploring government regulation and directives, identifying macroeconomic trends from news, conducting in person interviews and catch-up sessions, studying related theories and journals etc. Furthermore, quantitative research might encompass exploratory data analysis on sample data, creating data and business logics to integrate in product modules, etc. 

  • Identify key features to develop and create product backlog. Moreover, assist PO to track project development and prioritize features to ensure development of marketable products 

  • Support PO and SM by creating detailed business requirement encompassing business use cases and substantiating the cases by identifying, gathering, and managing data. Furthermore, the support will extend to disintegrating features into user stories and identifying acceptance criteria and developing validation protocols for each user story 

  • Ensure continuous and consistent relationship with clients by focusing on requirement gathering for features, and managing expectations and educating on on-going projects. Furthermore, BA is also expected to maintain constant communication with in-house team to understand technicalities related to the project, dependencies on project completion with the client, complexities arising because of data availability, communicating client requirement, etc. 

  • Complete all trainings assigned related to data science, data analysis, project management, and business process management 

Required Skills to Succeed 

  • The BA must have both strong communication and writing skills, as significant aspect of the job will be negotiation with the client and in-house team, and creating project requirements 

  • The BA must have strong command on basic business statistics techniques, must be acquainted with basic machine learning and data science concepts. Having data wrangling and munging skills by using SQL, R, or Python tools are a plus.  

  • The success of the BA depends on ability to conduct research on business domains, build network, and maintain relationships. Hence, s/he should be proactive, able to work under minimal supervision, perform multitasking, and bear complete accountability on key responsibility areas. 


Compensation package and benefits are as per company rules and negotiable. 


Completed Bachelors in Management, Banking, Finance, Statistics, IT, Computer Science. MBA IT, MBA graduate with Interest in Data Science and technology management is preferred. One plus year of working experience in related responsibility is desired but not required. 

Interested candidates are required to email their CV/resume to ca[email protected] or can apply through the Apply Now Options.

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Business Analyst