About eXtensoData

Our Company

On the journey to derive value from data resources

Going back to the start, data resources in scrap was all we had. With continuous research and relentless effort, we discovered how much value a data carries in a company. That is when we started the journey to turn data into actionable insights.

It was no secret that businesses and financial institutions are data-driven these days. While companies were collecting more data than ever before, many struggled to figure out how to manage these data and bring productivity out of it. So, we finally established eXtensoData to unleash their X-factor through data analysis.

We are eXtensoData!

Weaving Creativity with Strategy

ExtensoData is a data analytics company that equips various businesses with the tools required to optimize daily operations, lower costs and identify new opportunities. The company has solutions that analyze existing business data to reveal patterns, trends and prospects that are extremely valuable for making decisions, mitigating risks, meeting challenges and planning ahead.



Our Roadmap starts with the aim to achieve the mission, which is diving deep to unleash your X factor.



Our vision is to become the most innovative data driven business enabler in the world.

We are eXtensoData!

Our Core Values

Our Roadmap starts with the aim to achieve the mission, which is turning every data into actionable insights.


Data is not mere number, but real people and what we do impact their lives.


Persevere to iterate and re-iterate to pioneer novel solutions.


Convert authority into process to ensure ownership by all.


Backup every decisions with facts.


To be the change you seek.